About Us

A Few Words About Farmelio

During our more than 10 years history Farmelio has developed its technology and has expanded planting assortment. We specialize in farming such crops as wheat, corn, soybeans and others. We produce a rich variety of vegetables, fruits and different field crops.

We collaborate with many dealers, stores and commodity exchanges. All our products are certified and comply with US and worldwide requirements.


Our Approach

We regularly participate in international Agricultural expos, where we showcase our achievements in farming. Our recent wins are AgroTech-2017, Agri Intex-2017, Vietstock-2016, Solids-2016 and others.

Our dairy production is the best in the state. All the products meet all required standards and norms. Farmelio is client-oriented company, that’s why we provide them with fresh and qualified products and tailored services.

Farmelio welcomes you on our site!

Our History

  • 2004

This year, Farmelio was established by our founders and partners.

  • 2005

In 2005, one of our first plants began its operation. The range of products it manufactured included vegetables and fruits.

  • 2008

With development of technology, demand on our products increased.

  • 2011

Due to the growing population in the Eastern part of the USA, we decided to construct our fourth plant in Georgia.

  • 2012

This year, Farmelio acquires Mueller Water Products, Inc.

  • 2016

Today we have ambituous plans concerning our further development in the US as well as opening our first farm plant in Europe.

Our Management Team

Gyurka Izabella-Katalin

Gyurka Izabella-Katalin

Atribuții viceprimar PRINCIPALELE ATRIBUŢII ALE VICEPRIMARULUI PE BAZA LEGII 215/2001 a) Îndrumă şi supraveghează activitatea gardienilor publici, conform angajamentelor contractuale,
Ștefan Asztalos

Ștefan Asztalos

ATRIBUŢII ALE PRIMARULUI CONFORML. 215/2001-administratiei publice locale, republicata cu modificari si completarile ulterioare ART. 61 (1) Primarul îndeplineşte o funcţie
Marian Ramona-Bianca

Marian Ramona-Bianca

Atribuții secretar PRINCIPALELE ATRIBUŢII ALE SECRETARULUI PE BAZA LEGII 215/2001 CAP. X Secretarii unitatilor administrativ-teritoriale ART. 116 (1) Fiecare unitate