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When you picture yourself a traditional American farm in it classic!

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A Traditional
American Farm…

When you picture yourself a traditional American farm in it classic, idyllic perception, this is what the Latify farm actually looks like!

Charming nature that surrounds all of our farming facilities haunts our farm guests and inspires and refreshes them.

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GMO-free organic
products for healthy living.

Certified organic standards

The organic standards describe the specific requirements to products before going for sale.

Fair prices for you

Farmelio offers affordable prices for high-quality farm products to provide maximum people with healthy food.

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Vegetables are part of everyone’s diet plan and they are the best input for a human body. Organic vegetable gardening is nothing but growing vegetables without chemical fertilizers and pesticide but with natural ways.


Fruits are defined as a product of vegetable growth edible to humans, such as the developed ovary of a seed plant with its contents and accessory parts, which includes the pea, pod, nut, tomato and pineapple.


Milk products we produce are all certified and regularly checked by the Health and Safety Executive experts. We offer such products as fresh milk, cheese, butter, kefir, sour cream, cream and others.


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We breed Selection and researches

By our leading agronomists help us
grow quality and healthy breeds.

GMO-free Guaranteed
GMO-free Guaranteed
GMO-free Guaranteed
GMO-free Guaranteed
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Farmers who love their work

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Weekly Farmbox

Our menu changes weekly according to what’s fresh, local, and in-season. With our service, you get more control of what goes in your box, and you can make up to 5 substitutions in every delivery!